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Substance abuse counseling services:

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 •  Alcohol abuse

Take the necessary steps to begin your journey down the road to recovery. Schedule your appointment today in order to resolve the conflict within.

Don't let substance abuse control and ruin your life.

Our therapy is available to you whenever you need it. If you're participating in a 12-step program, add our counseling services to your treatment to help enhance your success.

Find the answers you need to heal

No one plans to become addicted to drugs and / or alcohol. Events in life can lead a person down a destructive path. Asking how this ever could have happened to you or to your loved one isn't uncommon, and the answers to that question are typically numerous.

James R. Buchholz, LCSW has 35+ years of experience helping individuals, such as yourself, to successfully overcome their addictions to drugs and / or alcohol and go on to lead happy, fulfilling lives through specialized treatment therapy.

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