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James R. Buchholz

 •  1977 - Rutgers University, Master of Social Work

 •  1978 - Princeton Theological Seminary, Master of Divinity

 •  1991 - Licensed Clinical Social Worker (L.C.S.W.), State of Illinois

 •  Board Certified Diplomat--American Board of Examiners in

    Clinical Social Work

In order for the human mind and body to function at their optimal bests, a balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health within an individual must be maintained.


Sometimes we get knocked off balance over time due to influences created by our environment, life's stresses, negative thought patterns and other circumstances.


During a time of imbalance, counseling services can help you to re-establish a sense of harmony, order and well-being. This can be achieved through the assistance of a knowledgeable and trained therapist who will guide you along the way by encouraging hope and healing.


 • Depression

 • Anxiety

 • Relationship difficulties

 • Anger and stress

 • Management

 • Chemical abuse /

   dependency (as well as

   other addictions)

 • Family Stress

 • Adults

 • Adolescents

 • Families

 • Couples

 • Individuals

Helping the community since 1978

For more than 35+ years, James R. Buchholz, LCSW (licensed clinical social worker) has been aiding individuals and organizations throughout Chicago's northwest suburbs as a clinician, administrator and consultant.


Providing a safe, objective, nurturing and professional environment in which his clients can confide in him, Mr. Buchholz helps people make the most effective use of their own abilities through his eclectic yet practical approach to counseling that also incorporates interventions from various psycho-dynamic, cognitive / behavioral and communications theories.

His extensive experiences allow Mr. Buchholz to successfully address a wide range of social and mental health problems as he develops a good therapeutic relationship with his clients, which is vital to the therapy process as a whole.


Not only that, but it's also key to establishing trust between the individual and the therapist, allowing for the individual to comfortably share his or her private feelings and thoughts during their sessions.


All clients can be assured of receiving clear and concise information with regard to office policies, fees, insurance and what to expect from therapy. You can also rest assured that Mr. Buchholz will respond openly to any concerns you may have.

Professional therapy is a phone call away


Specialized services:

There is always hope and with the guided assistance of the therapist, together you can develop solutions that will profoundly change the way you feel about yourself and your particular situation as you become aware of emotional dynamics, relationships and problem solving skills and learning to identify causes and solutions for yourself.

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