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Uses of individual counseling

 •  Life changes, such as career or relationships

 •  People who feel unfulfilled or lonely

 •  Those experiencing stress, anger or depression

 •  Those suffering from substance abuse

 •  Individuals suffering from eating disorders

 •  And more

Just as each individual is unique in their situation, their emotions, feelings and behaviors, so are their counseling services. Trust in James R. Buchholz's professional experience to ensure that your counseling is tailored specifically to your particular needs.

Talking with an objective person about your problems is more helpful than hiding your emotions.

Learn how to take control of unpleasant stressful situations properly by engaging in individual therapy sessions.

Express yourself freely in a safe environment

The most common type of counseling is individual counseling, which involves the individual and the therapist. Sessions for adolescents, adults and couples typically involve on-going and open discussions that last approximately 50 minutes each.


During these private sessions, the client is able to express his or her fears, concerns, behaviors and emotions. The goal is to equip the client with insight, information and knowledge that will empower them to make positive lifestyle changes and decisions.

Depending on the stage of life or the difficulty of the client's concern, the characteristics and methods of the counseling may vary.


As an example, individual therapy for an adult might be directed toward a specific problem or involve guiding a client toward a better understanding of past issues in relation to current behaviors or emotions.


Your therapy will NOT be the same as anyone else's. It will be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Resolve to reach out for the help you need.


Don't let stress rule your life

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