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Couples counseling helps with:

 •  Marital communication

 •  Divorce prevention

 •  Separation and divorce

 •  Blended families

 •  Sexuality

Work more effectively as a couple by learning new and creative ways to solve your problems. Couples therapy will also help promote mutually acceptable communication and problem-solving strategies.

Commit to resolving your conflicts and preserve your relationship by putting as much effort into finding resolution as you do into arguing.

Couples therapy isn't just for relationships that are conflicted and on the brink of failing.


Couples therapy is a great tool for maintaining a happy, healthy relationship, too!


Perfect for pre-nuptial counseling, too!

Your relationship deserves a chance

The goal of marital counseling is to improve communication and the relationship so it doesn't continue in a stressful manner or end in separation or divorce. Long-term relationships have life cycles just as individuals do and these cycles are fairly predictable. They will challenge you at numerous points in your life.

All too often, the reason or cause of the conflict in the relationship is avoided and buried until it seems all hope is lost. When couples struggle with ineffective communication, they begin to exhibit symptoms that can include constant fighting, infidelity, difficulty with compromise, rejection or even withdrawal.

Give your relationship the chance it deserves.


Not just for troubled relationships

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